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Our Belief & Values

Our hands and feet tirelessly support us to do things that we care most in life day in, day out. Hugging your family before going to work, taking your kids to school, shaking hands for business, taking care of your loved ones… you name it, our heart and mind control the act, but our hands and feet help complete the moment. As such, hands and feet deserve decent appreciation and reward.

Holding Hands
Smiling Handshake
Assisting the Elder
Taking Care of the Kids

We understand that customers come to nails salon for reward moment which at Iris Nails and Spa we call “Me-Time”.

Whether it is beautifying nails or refreshing tired feet, Iris Nails & Spa hopes our humble service contributes a part in helping our customers to stay at their best to capture those meaningful moments in life and continue doing good job.

Our Mission

In light of the meaning of our work, Iris Nails & Spa is committed to one and only One Mission: Make your Nails and your Me-Time Simply Awesome!

How Do We Do It ?

Our Team – Our customer’s “Me-Time” will be awesome when they are taken care by our professional, passionate and dedicated technicians who take pride of the meaning of their work and hold dear to heart the belief and values of our salon.

Our Promise


  • Iris Nails & Spa offers the best in-class service procedures, high quality products, trending nail art, latest nail techniques, and consistent quality.


  • We carefully select quality products from well-established brands combined with industry's best practices to create our total services with a focus on beauty, efficacy, hygiene, wellness of your natural nails and your health.

  • Brands regularly used at our salon include: OPI, Kiara Sky, CND, Qtica, Voesh N.Y., Nuskin, Gelish, China Glaze, Essie, Chisel and Nugenesis.

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Hygiene & Heath

  • Hygiene and health are our number 1 priority and no compromise is accepted. In all aspects of Iris Nails & Spa business, from building and setup to service protocol, we make sure hygiene and health are the focus in both design and implementation.

  • We strictly follow Missouri state board of cosmetology guideline and even take extra effort to ensure hygiene and wellness for customers and technicians at our salon such as:

    • Liners, nail files, buffers, wooden cuticle pushers, pumice stone are disposed after each service.

    • All stainless-steel tools are sanitized and disinfected between service.

    • Our brand-new salon is well built with exhaust system to the latest codes to offer customers and our staff members a healthy air quality environment.

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